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Lourdes e o turismo de cura pela fé

Site web : (Brésil) - 15 avril 2020

Embora possa parecer que turismo religioso seja uma coisa só, prefiro acreditar que esse seja um amplo e flexível guarda-chuvas, debaixo do qual estão abrigados os mais diversos nichos...

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Lourdes - more than just a shrine nestled in the foothills of the Pyrenees

Irish Examiner (Irlande) - Janvier 2020

There’s more to Lourdes than just a shrine. Self-confessed sceptic Breda Graham leaves her perceptions at home and miraculously discovers a different side to the Pyrenees region.

Checking in for my Lourdes-bound flight at Dublin Airport I was overwhelmingly sceptical as to what I was about to encounter on my four-day trip to one of the world’s most renowned Catholic pilgrimage sites...

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Lourdes & Beyond

Senior Times (Irlande) - Novembre-décembre 2019

John Low joined the millions who visit Lourdes every year but also took excursions to some of the stunning sights in the neighbouring Pyrenees.

Everybody, it seems, has been to Lourdes, but most pilgrims leave without experiencing a number of its many non-religious attractions and those of the surrounding Pyrenees...

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Nova linha entre LISBOA e LOURDES-PYRENEES durante o inverno 2019-2020 (Brésil) - 12 septembre 2019 

O escritório turístico de Lourdes tem o plazer de anunciar que RYANAIR, a primeira companhia aérea europeia, prolonga a nova linha direta entre o Aeroporto de LOURDES e LISBOA num serviço anual, no âmbito do seu programa de inverno 2019-2020.

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High and Almighty

Sunday World (Irlande) - 25 août 2019

SCENERY does not get much more spectacular than the Cirque de Gavarnie, high in the French Pyrenean Mountains near the border with Spain. Just the sight of the sheer cliffs rising nearly 5,000ft from the valley floor is enough to take your breath away. I’ve been here before on a solo hiking trip but it’s just as impressive second time round. Today I’m with a group of friends seeing it for the first time and they are all quietly spellbound...

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Musical ‘Bernadette’ makes a bold theatrical bet on Lourdes’ famous saint

Blog : French Crossroads - 8 août 2019

Producing a lavish musical like “Bernadette de Lourdes” would represent a massive risk no matter where it was being staged. It’s far from a sure thing that audiences would embrace a religious-themed story packed with power ballads and rousing songs about a 19th-century teenage saint who claimed to see visions of Jesus’ mother...
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All hail a trip for sun shrine worshippers

Sunday Times (Irlande) - 28 juillet 2019



Whether you seek a miracle in its holy waters or the divine panoramas of the Pyrenees, Lourdes is a refreshing retreat, writes Jim Murty

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A new flight to Lourdes led to adventures in Pyrenees

The Echo (Irlande), 25 juillet 2019

LOURDES now has a new miracle to offer — not only is it still a world-renowned destination for pilgrims, but it now offers an easy port of entry

to the Hautes-Pyrenees.

Previously, arriving in Lourdes from Ireland required booking with a group on a charter plane, but now, thanks to a new route by Ryanair, individuals can jet out of Dublin and land in Tarbes-Lourdes-Pyrenees in just under two hours.

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Natural splendour in the Pyrenees

Tuam Herald (Irlande) - 24 juillet 2019

The mountains between France and Spain are a paradise for lovers of the great outdoors.

Natural splendour in the Pyrénées.

The stand-out sight (and site) in the Pyrénées is the Cirque de Gavarnie, which has been attracting visitors since the 19th century. The great novelist Victor Hugo described it as “the most mysterious building of the most mysterious architect; this natural colosseum” and who am I to try to surpass his words.

Premier «instameet» lourdais

La Dépêche - 15 juillet 2019

Un «instameet» est une sortie photo proposée aux utilisateurs du réseau social Instagram, le réseau social dédié à la photo. Le but de cette opération originale, mise en place par l'office de tourisme de Lourdes, est avant tout promotionnel : ces amateurs en photographie sont fans de voyages... En savoir plus

A la découverte de Lourdes en famille !

Blog : Les petites manigances - 13 juillet 2019

Hello mes petits poulpes, j'espère que vous allez bien ? Chez nous c'est la course perpétuelle depuis que Harold est en vacance... Mais j'aime quand même avoir mes deux garçons à la maison. Je suis un peu la reine qui surveille son royaume ^^! Le temps passe malheureusement beaucoup trop vite, et je le sais plus que jamais... La rentrée arrivera plus vite que la musique...!

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A rebirth for Lourdes, France, driven somewhat by the saintly life of Bernadette

Los Angeles Times - 11 juillet 2019

Reporting from Lourdes, France  

Dazed by a series of light-filled spiritual apparitions in a remote southwestern French grotto, a teenager named Bernadette dressed in mid-19th century peasant garb hesitates for just a moment.

She then glides to the edge of the stage where she lifts her head and bursts into an emotion-drenched ballad that would make Celine Dion proud...

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Santuarios marianos de Lourdes e de Fatima nos planos de voo de Ryanair

Ambitur (Portugal) - 11 juillet 2019

Com os olhos postos no turismo mariano que o Santuário de Lourdes movimenta anualmente, a Ryanair iniciou este ano voos diretos low cost entre Lisboa e Tarbes-Lourdes.

O primeiro voo teve lugar a 2 de abril e, de acordo com a diretora de marketing do aeroporto internacional francês, Stéphanie Boulouys, nos primeiros dois meses, a Ryanair conseguiu uma taxa média de ocupação na

ordem dos 80%... En savoir plus

2019-06-05 Ambitur - LeopolDina_Santuár
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Lourdes: a place like no other

The Tuam Herald (Irlande) - 10 juillet 2019

Have you been to Lourdes before? I’ve been there 15 times. I love Lourdes.” The woman in the seat behind me on Ryanair Flight 5079 from Dublin was speaking to the person beside her in a voice too loud not to overhear.

The answer was inaudible, but the question was enough to remind me that there are people reading this who could lose and find me in this pilgrim site beloved of Irish people for decades...

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A Pilgrimage through the Hautes Pyrénées

Tootlafrance (Irlande) - 6 juillet 2019

The Hautes-Pyrénées department has never been more accessible as it is now through the introduction of a Ryanair flight from Dublin directly to Tarbes Lourdes Pyrenees. Previously, flying into Lourdes meant booking a charter with a tour group but now with the new flight-route, individuals can make an apparition in Lourdes in just under two hours. The airport is small and efficient and due to its years of service in accepting charter flights, is very capable of dealing with surges of people in a fast and efficient manner... En savoir plus

Caminhar, pedalar, escalar ou simplesmente estar nos Pirenéus

Publico  (Portugal) - 1er juillet 2019

A subida até ao pico faz-se de teleférico e a paisagem de neve branca que cobre a encosta é, nesta altura do ano, substituída pelo verde e o quase preto das pedras, ponteado pelos animais da montanha, alguns surpreendentes. Os Altos Pirenéus são os picos, os glaciares, os retiros – sejam religiosos ou de bem-estar...

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Lourdes, une foi encore

Télé Star Jeux - Juillet 2019

La grotte, Bernadette, les miracles… plus de cent cinquante ans après les premières apparitions, ce lieu de pèlerinage conserve tout son pouvoir d’attraction....

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Lourdes, muito mais do que um santuario

Destinos (Portugal) - Juillet/août 2019

Quando falamos em Lourdes, inevitavelmente falamos de religião. Mas será apenas o Santuário que nos faz viajar até esta região francesa? Envolta pelas montanhas dos Pirenéus, Lourdes oferece bem mais do que um retiro espiritual. O jornal Destinos foi à descoberta das mil e uma ofertas da região.

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Pic du Jer - Lourdes (article en japonais)

Blog : - 30 juin 2019




目的地は「Pic du Jer ピック・ド・ジェー」、ピレネー山脈の一部、標高1000mほどの山ですが、このケーブルカーに乗れ


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Beyond Belief: Lourdes and the Mountains

The Herald (Irlande) - 29 juin 2019


It’s to cool the poor oul divils down below in hell.” Grandpa McNulty’s words ring in my

ears as I flick off the holy water from the font, as he did, and onto the ground, in St Bernadette’s Church in Lourdes.

Grandpa McNulty never did make it with his parish of Brockagh village, in Donegal, to Lourdes — though he did have his own pilgrimage to Doon Well. And it served him well, as he lived to the grand old age of 96...

2019-06-29 The Herald.PDF
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Lourdes, an uplifting experience

Munster Express (Irlande) - 26 juin 2019


We made a trip to Lourdes for the first time recently to see the world famous pilgrimage site. Visitors come from around the globe, Asia, the USA, Africa, South America and various parts of Europe.


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Lourdes quer ser plataforma de ligação entre vários Santuários marianos

Ecclesia (Portugal) - 23 juin 2019


Reportage vidéo réalisée par Hernique Matos, journaliste de TV Ecclesia (Portugal)


Regarder la vidéo

Ligações aéreas “low cost” já permitem aceder a principais lugares de peregrinação da Europa.

Lire l'article en ligne


Anda comigo ver aeroportos...

Jornal Noticias de Fatima (Portugal) - 14 juin 2019

So percebo de aeroportos na optica do utlizador. Nao sou especialista em estudos de localizaçao, de viabilizaçao, ou outros, nem de construçaà ou reconversao de aeroportos. Considero que uma estrutura aeroportuaria, ou outra grande estruturade transporte... 





2019-06-14 Noticias de Fatima - LeopolDi
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Nos planos de voo da Ryanair

Jornal Noticias de Fatima (Portugal) - 14 juin 2019

Com os olhos postos no turismo mariano que o Santuario de Lourdes movimenta anualmente, a Ryanair iniciou este ano voos directos low cost entre Lisboa e Tarbes-Lourdes.

O primeiro voo teve lugar a 2 de Abril e, de acordo com a directora de marketing do aeroporto internacional francês, Stéphanie Boulouys, nos promeiros dois meses, a Ryanair conseguiu uma taxa média de ocupaçao na ordem dos 80%...

2019-06-14 Noticias de Fatima - LeopolDi
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Fui ali aos Pireneus, mas ja voltei

Blog : O almanaque da Leopoldina (Portugal) - 13 juin 2019

Hoje partilho convosco um pouco dos Pirenéus franceses e da região da Occitânia.

Sou defensora da proposta turística nacional do ir para fora cá dentro, mas, concordarão comigo, de vez em quando, também sabe muito bem ir para fora lá fora, uma coisa não tem necessariamente que ofuscar a outra... En savoir plus

2019-06-13 LeopolDina blog - Fui ali aos
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Ryanair estuda rota anual entre Lisboa e Lourdes Pireneus

Turisver (Portugal) - 4 juin 2019

A Ryanair, companhia aérea low cost, esta a estudar a abertura de uma rota anual entre Lisboa e Lourdes Pirenéus, a partir do proxima ano, avançou ao Stephanie Boulouys, directora de Marketing do Aeroporto de Tarbes Lourdes Pyrénées.

Depois de ter lançado, a 2 de Abril, a rota que liga a capital portuguesa a Lourdes até 26 de Outubro e que segundo a mesma responsavel...

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2019-06-04 Turisver linea aerea.JPG
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De Lourdes aos Pirenéus, a natureza a nossos pés

Turisver (Potugal) - Juin 2019

A companhia aérea lox cost Ryanair lançou em Abril uma nova rota que liga Lisboa a Lourdes, na França. Uma ligaçao que estara disponivle até 26 de Outubro, com duas frequências semanais (à terça e sabado) e que segundo a directora de Marketing do Aeroporto de Tarbes Lourdes Pyrénées devera atrair 20 mil passageiros. A Turister partiu à descoberta desta nova rota a deste destino que atrai anualmente milhoes de pessoas...

Sandra Martins Pereira - Turisver.pdf
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Lourdes - Discover a new side to the famous pilgrimage town

France Magazine (UK+USA) - Juin 2019

As France's premier destination for pilgrims, Lourdes in Hautes-Pyrénées is held in international esteem for its hallowed grotto and fairytale basilicas. But the city doesn't stop at its churches; past the perimeter of the Sanctuary, beyond the garish souvenir shops and neon-fronted hotels, I found a well-connected holiday destination abuzz with culture and history - whatever you believe in... 

France Magazine 249 Le Weekend Lourdes H
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7 exciting things to do in Hautes-Pyrénées this summer

Site web : - 30 mai 2019

From equestrian extravaganzas in Tarbes to dramatic mountain performances at Gavarnie, find out what the versatile Hautes-Pyrénées département has to offer this summer...

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Qui es-tu Bernadette Soubirous ? De Lourdes à Nevers, moments intimes

Blog : - 16 mars 2019

Qui n'a jamais entendu parler de Bernadette Soubirous, Bernadette de Lourdes, sainte Bernadette ? Qui était-elle ? Comment était-elle ?  C'est son portrait un peu plus intime que j'aimerai découvrir et faire ici.

Elle a fait de Lourdes, petite ville des Pyrénées, un point névralgique mondial des pèlerinages vers cette grotte où la Vierge lui est apparue 18 fois...

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Lourdes, une sacrée destination

Femme Actuelle - 11 mars 2019

Au-delà de sa dimension spirituelle, la cité mariale vous séduit par son patrimoine naturel et culturel. Pyrénéenne dans l'âme, elle vous invite aussi à la découverte d'un environnement d'une exceptionnelle diversité. 

Dès votre arrivée, en avion, en train ou en voiture, votre regard se porte inévitablement vers le magnifique paysage de montagne qui s'offre à vous.

Pour l'admirer davantage, vous empruntez, depuis la ville même, le funiculaire du Pic du Jer...

209-03-11 Femme actuelle.pdf
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Lourdes se cherche une nouvelle âme

Bus & Car magazine - Mars 2019

Lourdes reste la porte d’entrée du tourisme dans les Hautes-Pyrénées, mais le nombre de pèlerins diminue et des hôtels ferment. Aussi la cité mariale communique sur ces autres facettes, dont la proximité des Pyrénées qui

offre un autre ressourcement. Tandis que le sanctuaire Notre-Dame-de-Lourdes propose de l’événementiel.

La première chose qui attire le regard en arrivant à Lourdes est l’écrin de montagnes qui enserre la cité mariale. Mais aussi les rues bordées d’hôtels. De toutes catégories, ils emplissent la partie basse de la commune...

2019-03 Buscar magazine TDG82_OCCITANIE_
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Spectacle Bernadette